TnC Valley: is a place/name/mark created by Tessie and Cindy.

TnC Valley 是由兩個無可救藥的動物愛好者 TessieCindy所一起創立的地方


tnc valley   

本來呢,想用的是Vegas Valley (因為在Vegas,任何事都不設限),但很可惜的,有個棒球隊用了這當隊名,
畢竟名號這種東西是有先來後到的!! (雖然人家遠在美國,可能一輩子也不會發現,但不代表我們就可以盜用。)
於是乎就用了我們名字的縮寫,創造出TnC Valley,就這麼簡單!!!

TnC Valley,我們想要呈現的是一個可以放心創作的小角落,


We are BFFs since high school, totally helplessly animal lovers, and will always be there for each other.  

We want to do something different in our life, hence we created this place, originally, the name we picked was Vegas Valley, (cause Vegas is a such magical place, everything could happen in there) but a baseball team used the name already. So, we picked the TnC, and it feels right!!

TnC Valley is gonna be a place without stress, a place we can always be true to ourselves, no pretending, no lies, no bullshi*, no school, no work, no pier pressure, no parents talking!
Just a place we can listening to our thoughts, and be able to express them freely.

And maybe, just maybe, hoping everyone who is reading our stuffs, can also gain a little laughters from our site.

2012.01.01 From Cindy 

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TnC Valley

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